Muppet Wall

This is the only good picture that we got of our visit to the Muppet exhibit a week ago:

Kids with the fuzzy Muppet wall

The older four enjoyed it. I don’t think Rupert cared all that much, but he was a very good-natured baby about the whole visit.

The upshot of our visit to the exhibit is that the kids are very much interested in the Muppet Show again – and our Muppets Magic DVD (which is no longer available, according to Amazon), which has clips of the original Muppet appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show.

It only takes watching a couple of these clips to realize what gifted and talented guys the original Muppet crew were – and how inanely crappy television has become in some 40-odd years.

Tad is especially in love with Mahna Mahna (this clip is front the very first episode of the Muppet Show, but was also performed on the Ed Sullivan show), the analytical computer, “Java” and Kermit eating worms (which starts at 2:50 into the clip), and “Octopus’ Garden” – which is cool to Tad because it has an octopus. And clams.

There could be worse things than having the kids watch TV from before their mother was even born.

Enjoy the clips and the weekend!

One Response to “Muppet Wall”

  1. Ressis
    June 12th, 2009 08:26

    Thanks for the links! My girls loved watching them at the computer with me.