Child of the Digital Age

As a last-day-of-school gift, Ane’s teachers gave each child a disposable camera, with the instructions to take pictures of their summer so they could remember it always.

Most of the kids blew through their cameras before they even left school that day.

With great restraint and threats… mostly threats… I managed to get Ane out of school that day without opening up her camera. I then allowed her to take ONE picture of her room, and made her save the rest for a different day.

Yesterday, she took it with her to the park for her first summer play date with school friends.

You know what happens then, right?

She shot pictures of everything imaginable at the park, and then was really ticked off when her camera wouldn’t take any more pictures.

One of the boys there had used up his camera on the first day, and he solemnly informed Ane that, “Once you use it up, it’s all gone… and you have to give it away and you NEVER get it back.”

Ane then informed me that she wants a camera like Head’s, because “it NEVER runs out.”

Well, unless the memory card is full, but we won’t go there.

Kids today are so spoiled, what with their digital cameras and cell phones and iPods…

I sound SO old.

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  1. Aunt Lynda
    June 16th, 2009 08:33

    I have no comment on that one!