Dinner Out

We got to do one of those grown-up things last night.

As a follow-up to the Webmaster’s birthday, Friend made dinner reservations for us at one of our favorite restaurants, the Purple Cafe, and arranged for baby-sitting so that the four of us could go out to dinner. We’d been wanting Friend and Doc to go with us to dinner there ever since the Webmaster and I first discovered it a year and a half ago, and we finally had the time (and the gift cards) to go.

Friend’s niece Erin and her boyfriend Cody watched the four older kids at our house (Ane and Tad know who Erin is, thanks to the birthday parties of the Brain and Head), while Rupert, who is a very happy baby, came along for the ride. He actually napped through dinner, which was nice for us all.

I recommended the chicken marsala to Friend, which was stellar as usual, while the Webmaster had sturgeon and Doc had a risotto (it had bacon in it, a big selling point for Doc). The guys also had wine “flights” – basically, wine samplers – and we all got the dessert of the day: chocolate mousse cake with marshmallow sauce and strawberries. The Webmaster got his dessert with a candle in it.

It was so strange to behave like adults again (aside from Rupert napping through dinner). I’m sure we did talk about the kids, but it was nice to remember that once upon a time, it was just the four of us getting together for dinner and going out to do things before children arrived. Friend and Doc have been married for ten years now (how all that time passed, I don’t really know) and our weekly get-togethers probably started right around that same time. Back then, it was just watching The X-Files together on Sunday nights, and showing up at 8:55 pm was considered “right on time,” because the show started at 9 pm.

Nowadays, we look at our watches and yell, “8:30!?!?! We’ve gotta get these kids to bed!!”

Still, we had a great time out and left the restaurant completely stuffed. We arrived back at the Corner Haus to find that the kids had had a great time as well – Erin reported that the only kid to cry was Ane, and it was because she tripped and fell flat on her face outside. No one else appears to have been involved, thankfully. Everyone was well-behaved, ate their pizza dinner, scarfed down their ice-cream bars, and Erin and Cody seemed to have had a good time watching and playing with the kids.

It was a successful night out for all.

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