Our Fourth

At the parade!

On the morning of the Fourth, we packed up a blanket and the kids’ chairs and set out for the city of Bothell’s Independence Day parade. I’d even picked up some small flags for the kids in the dollar bin at Target for them to wave.

We met up with friends A. and C. at the library, then walked over to where the old Ricketts building used to be (site of the original Bothell Schoolhouse and Bothell High School, which is now a rolling green area), set up under the shade of the trees (which was a very nice spot in 80+ degree weather), broke out the snacks and waited for the parade.

And waited.

Tad and the Webmaster

And waited.

Ane at the parade

We were far enough along the parade route that it did take a while for anything to be within sight or sound for us. The kids’ favorite float was the Seafair Pirates, because the float was a large pirate ship with a cannon that BOOMED every couple of minutes or so. Tad absolutely loved it and cheered every time he heard the BOOM. Other children, however, began to cry at the loud, scary noise. Not my kids – Ane just clapped her hands over her ears and Tad screamed with delight.

When we’d seen enough of the parade (and exhausted the kids’ food), we walked over to Bothell Landing, where we discovered a free bouncy house set up (one large climbing wall/slide and one bouncing maze), which the kids were instantly drawn to. Once we managed to pull them free, I took Ane to see the reenactment of the Battles of Lexington and Concord near the bridge. We had set up our blankets right on the edge of the reenactment camp, and I was busy explaining to Ane who all the guys in the red coats were.

After that, we’d pretty much hit our limit on cranky for the day – and the kids were hot and tired. A. and C. said their good-byes, and we all went back to our cars. Sadly, there were no naps for us on this day.

We stopped off at a fireworks stand and the Webmaster bought some stuff, then went home and started up the grill. Grandma and Gichan were back from their trip for Auntie’s softball team, and they brought Obachan with them for a Fourth of July BBQ. The Webmaster did up some delicious barbecued chicken drumsticks and thighs, I had made potato salad and brought our plenty of fresh fruit (Tad went to town on the watermelon), and Grandma brought the onigiri. What, you don’t have rice balls at YOUR Fourth of July BBQ? What’s the matter with you?

The kids were thrilled to see their Grandma and Gichan after a week of not seeing them (but constantly being over at their house to water their plants and lawn), and I think that Grandma and Gichan were happy to see them, too. We ate well and cooled off as the heat of the day passed – and it passed even more pleasantly with ice cream, strawberry rhubarb crisp, and fresh peaches for dessert.

Once Grandma, Gichan and Obachan had left, we were cleaning up when there was a knock at the front door. It was Little Mo, who wanted Ane to come down to her house to start lighting off fireworks. It was too light out to do much, but the Webmaster packed up his fireworks and went on down there. Tad and I followed as dusk was setting in.

Ever seen Tad with a sparkler? It’s a dangerous sight. He waved it around so much that it actually went out. Twice. Eventually, I had to take him home. He was just too keyed up with all the booms and fire and exploding that it simply wasn’t safe to keep him out there. Plus, I got a mosquito bite.

So I put him to bed and then watched the fireworks on TV. The Webmaster and Ane finally came home, having blown everything up, at about 11:30. She got to bed sometime after midnight. Everyone had a bath or a shower (Tad ended up having two baths that day) to get rid of the smoke smell from the fireworks.

And when I went to bed, things were still going boom outside. Good thing we’re in an unincorperated part of the county.

We had a fun day, and hope you all did too.

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