Tad Speaks – Mr. Opinionated

EVERYTHING is cause for Tad to speak his mind nowadays. And he has no qualms about letting us know what’s on that busy little mind of his.

A couple of days ago, he got into the refrigerator – something he does far too frequently – picked up a juice box, sat himself down at the kitchen table, stripped off the straw and prepared to drink it.

All within clear view of the Webmaster and myself.

And he hadn’t asked if he could have it – something which he is completely capable of doing.

So I swooped in and grabbed the juice box off the table, and stuck it back in the fridge while the Webmaster reminded him that he needs to ask BEFORE getting himself anything out of the fridge.

That did not sit well with Mr. Opinionated, who immediately let out a howl of protest.

Ane came in, obviously sniffing the air and catching scent of a possible punishment. “What’s the matter?” she asked her indignant brother.

“I wanted juice!” he yelled at her.

Obviously, Tad is not having problems expressing his wants at the moment. Now, if we could only get him to listen to his body and express himself on the potty…

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