Tad Speaks – parroting the truth

Tad is a sweet little guy. But he’s also a nutcase.

He was being silly with me right before bedtime last night when the Webmaster, who was watching us, said, “Tad, you’re crazy.” Then a sudden inspiration hit him. “Tad! Say ‘I’m crazy!’ ”

Let’s just say that Tad took it to a new level.

He ran around the room, yelling at the top of his lungs, “I cwazy! I cwazy! I cwazy!”

The Webmaster almost fell over laughing. I tried to look disapprovingly at my husband, but I couldn’t help it. I started laughing too.

Finally, Tad wore out and the Webmaster started getting his jammies on him. “Tad, you’re funny,” I said.

Tad smiled at me. “I funny. Ha ha ha!”

Yes, he actually said “ha ha ha.” Like I said, he’s funny.

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