Birthday Sundae

Mommy forgot the camera when we went to Red Robin for Tad’s birthday pizza and sundae yesterday. Bad Mommy.

Fortunately, Daddy took some pictures with his cell phone.

Tad's birthday sundae

He loved being sung to and getting his sundae, but then he just licked at the whipped cream and played with it. Ane was going bonkers, begging him for a taste. Yeah. Let me just say, she’s not nearly as into sharing when it’s HER birthday sundae we’re talking about.

We finally divided up the sundae per Gichan’s suggestion into their leftover chocolate milks and made “milkshakes” out of them so we could get going.

But while it was his (ALL HIS!), Tad loved it.

Note to self – next time, remember the camera!

One Response to “Birthday Sundae”

  1. Ressis
    August 13th, 2009 07:36

    I’m glad he had a nice birthday. You didn’t mention, though, how he was shouting at us to be quiet after Little Cousin and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him. Don’t worry, he still gets his present.