School Stuff

I am pleased to report that day two was much, much better for Ane. She came out of her classroom (she was line leader) with a big smile on her face, eager to tell me all about her day. Ane says that Mrs. V. read the story of The Gingerbread Man, they made gingerbread cookies, and then did a school-wide Gingerbread Man scavenger hunt.

Now I want to go back to kindergarten!

Tad was paid a visit by his teacher and paraeducator while Ane was at school. He saw them come through the door, let out a yelp, then ran to his room and shut the door. I had to go get him out, but his teachers were too busy laughing. After he came out, there were hugs all around and he showed them some of his new books that he’d gotten for his birthday.

It was a good chance for me to chat with his teachers about his potty training over the summer (which they were very pleased about) and talk about how Tad will be riding the bus to and from school this year (which they are enthusiastic about). The school ice-cream social is coming up next week, which is on the same exact day and time as Ane’s school BBQ. We’re planning on dividing and conquering – the Webmaster will be taking Ane to her school, while I will take Tad to his. (Parents subject to change, but I think that’s how it will shake out.)

Tad starts school on the 14th. That morning is going to feel very, very quiet around here.

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