Movin’ On Up

I have a Cubbie and a Sparky now.

Last night, our Wednesday night programs at church started. Ane moved upstairs with the rest of the kindergarteners to join the Sparks program. At the end of the evening, I asked her how she liked it.

She was noncommittal.

If you remember, she had much the same reaction to her first day of kindergarten. Ane builds up her expectations – and then gets bummed when things aren’t run the same way as they used to be. Like her preschool class. Or Cubbies with Grandma.

After a couple of weeks, I’m sure she will be fine.

In the meantime, Tad did okay. He was a little crazed at different times, but seemed to behave himself more when I wasn’t around. I could hear him singing enthusiastically with the rest of the Cubbies as I was cleaning up.

The more separation Ane and Tad have from each other, the better they do. Just a general observation, but a true one.

We had 14 kids tonight. I know that one more will show up when he gets back from a trip, and possibly another one, which would make our total 16. Which is very manageable. What’s amazing about the numbers this year is that out of those 16 kids, only 5 of them are girls.

There’s a lot of testosterone in those rooms.

And I didn’t take pictures of the kids before their first night because Ane didn’t have her Sparks vest yet. I will take a picture next week. Tad still looks the same – and so does his vest. Maybe that will change this year. If not, we’ll have another year after this to work on it.

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