Eating Her Words

On Friday afternoon, I picked up Ane as usual after school.

The kindergarten class filed out, and as the bus kids headed past me, they were all looking backwards longingly. Ane ran up to me all in a twitter. “Mommy! Can we get some popcorn?!?!”

Turns out the PTA had a popcorn machine going over lunchtime and were selling bags of fresh popcorn for a quarter. After I found out how much it was (Ane was crushed for half a second because she thought we weren’t going to buy any, until I told her that all we had to do was go back to the car for some money), I gave her a quarter and she led me to the popcorn cart – which was just down the open corridor from her kindergarten classroom, behind the main office building. Those poor kids in her class could probably smell it popping, and of course kindergarteners don’t carry money, so all of the morning kids headed for the bus were out of luck. The lucky ones were the kids who were getting picked up by parents – parents with spare change.

A quarter bought happiness for my daughter. I did have to point out to her, though, that IF she rode the bus home with the other kids (which she has been griping incessantly about since the beginning of the school year), she wouldn’t have gotten any popcorn because Mommy wouldn’t have been there to give her money.

Ane didn’t miss a beat. With her mouth full of popcorn, she said, “I think getting picked up from school instead of riding the bus is the best thing for me.”

You’ve got to give her credit – she’s quick on her feet, that one.

And yes, she shared the popcorn with her brother.

2 Responses to “Eating Her Words”

  1. Ressis
    September 21st, 2009 08:08

    See, money DOES buy happiness.

  2. Oddball
    September 21st, 2009 16:10

    There is a solution. Tell Ane that she can ride the bus so long as she holds Tad’s and your hands while doing it. If that does not work, well then I am out of ideas.