Tad loves books, and he comes by it honestly.

He doesn’t read yet, of course, but he has his favorites. I will often find him sitting in his room with a pile of books nearby, just flipping through them – and sometimes even reciting the story to himself.

Ane loves books, too, but she doesn’t entertain herself with them. When she’s in her room by herself, she’s playing with her dolls, or her dollhouse, or her Princesses. It is very rare that I will find her with a book in hand – unless it is her Disney Princess magazine.

On the other hand, we have been told that Tad simply loves the book corner in his preschool classroom, and will often just sit himself down with a book and start “reading.”

I honestly don’t know how long it will take him to learn to read. If it’s anything like him learning how to talk, then it will be a long and involved process. Ane is working on her reading skills at school and at home, and as bright as she is, reading does not come naturally to her. But I don’t have any doubts that she will have a firm handle on basic reading skills by the time the school year is over.

I just hope that Tad’s love of books continues, because I’m hoping that it will be a big motivator in getting him actually reading someday, whenever that day comes.

4 Responses to “Bookworm”

  1. Ressis
    October 1st, 2009 07:52

    Little Cousin and Baby Cousin are the same as Ane and Tad, respectively. Little Cousin loves to be read to, but won’t usually pick books as her pastime, unless it’s something with princesses, though she does like the new books that Baby Cousin got for her birthday (mainly because they are new and not hers). Baby Cousin (who needs a new blog name as she has turned two), loves books. She will simply sit and look through them quietly for a good ten-fifteen minutes (which is hours in toddler time). This is strange for her since she’s the crazier, wild-child of the two, but it is so cute to watch.

  2. Laurie
    October 1st, 2009 13:30

    I think he’ll surprise you…

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