Time for a refresher

Tad’s behavior at school has improved this week. He came home with a good day hand stamp on Tuesday and kept the streak going through his school week (which is through Thursday).

However, he has totally fallen off the wagon on using the potty at home. Turkey.

I send him to school in Pull-Ups, because it’s either that or underwear, and we’re not ready for underwear at school yet. I know he’s coming home dry because I mark the Pull-Ups. But when he comes in the door, he starts a stubborn fit. NO, he doesn’t want to use the potty. NO. NO. NO.

Which means, NO, you may not watch your shark documentary. NO, you may not watch TV. NO, you may not have juice or any other treat.

And he’s learning that when Mommy says NO, she means it. Shocking, huh?

He hasn’t watched his sharks in three or four days. Really. He dug his heels in and so did I.

And then he uses his Pull-Up instead of going potty. I’m going to have to be much better about changing him to underwear as soon as he gets home. I didn’t have to before, because he was so willing to use the potty. But now, pfft. So, back to the underwear. And sweatpants, for comfort and ease. Not that he can’t unbutton his jeans, but the less excuses he has, the better.

So, with Ane at school this morning and Tad at home, I think it’s time for a little visit from Elmo. A little refresher course to get him back on the potty wagon.

I know he can do this. I just need him to remember that.


And to send you off to the weekend with a smile, here is a funny story that I have lifted from Doc’s family blog (which is protected), that I will re-tell here.

On Sunday, Doc showed the Webmaster a note that he had found, all crumpled up, which read: “I hate you Ane. From Head.”

The problem was that the Brain had written it. Head had found it and crumpled it up.

Then Head wrote his own note, which read: “I love Ane. I do not hate Ane.” Which the Brain then found… and crumpled up.

Good grief, the girl’s not even six years old yet, and the boys are seven and five and a half! Get a grip, boys!

The irony is, of course, that Ane never saw any of these notes and wouldn’t have been able to read them, anyway.

One Response to “Time for a refresher”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    October 2nd, 2009 19:39

    What? No comments on any of this yet tonight? I can feel your frustration in your writing! And the note story is darling! I don’t know how you keep this up every day, but I do enjoy it.