Underwear Boy!

MAJOR milestone for Tad last night!

He wore underwear to Cubbies! And he used the potty at church! AND he was dry all evening!!!

Tad has been very insistent on wearing underwear recently. We’ve gotten into a routine where as soon as he gets home from school, I take off his Pull-Up and he puts on a clean pair of underwear. He then gets to wear the underwear to pick up Ane from school. Yes, I put a lap pad under him while he rides in his car seat. Mommy is brave, but not stupid. Accidents happen.

For example, we walked in the door at Grandma’s on Monday – somewhere he has used the potty many times before – and had an accident. Good thing I still carry the diaper bag – with back-up pants and Pull-Up.

Tad has also been insisting on wearing underwear for naps. I put a mattress pad on top of his sheets, have him go potty before his nap, tuck him in and cross my fingers. So far, he’s been dry.

So we finally took the plunge and took him to church in underwear. He has used the potty at church before, so I knew that he would go if I took him. And he did! The wild card is that he never tells us when he needs to go… if he’s at home, he just takes himself and goes. Which makes any location that’s not home something of a gamble for us.

I took him potty before we got started and prayed for the best. And he did a GREAT job.

I think that as we expect more out of him, and treat him like he is capable of controlling his bodily functions, he will rise to meet our expectations. Which will make the arrival of a baby sibling very interesting.

Now, if he would only stay in his own bed…

2 Responses to “Underwear Boy!”

  1. Ressis
    October 15th, 2009 07:39

    Great job Tad! We’re so proud of you!

  2. Oddball
    October 15th, 2009 15:50

    Solution to Staying in his Bed:

    Step 1.) Get 550 Cord
    Step 2.) Attach one end to Tad
    Step 3.) Attach other end to his bed
    Problem Solved. If that does not work, shock collar with invisible fence might do the trick.