Ane Speaks – Covering Her Bases

Yesterday, Ane and I had a little quiet time together. We got about an hour and a half between the time when she woke up from her nap and when Tad woke up from his nap. This gave us a good opportunity to chat and work on her math homework.

Yes, homework. Not that this actually counts for anything. Mrs. V. is sending home these math worksheets for the kids to work on with their parents at their leisure. The idea is to reinforce the math concepts being taught, give the parents an idea of what they are working on, and give the kids the practice of taking something home and finishing it. Part of Ane’s homework last night was practicing writing the number 3 on a couple of ruled lines.

While she worked on the homework, I stood nearby and ironed. With the Webmaster working at a company that doesn’t have as casual an approach to work attire as, say, his last two jobs, I’ve been doing a lot more ironing. And I need to buy another can of spray starch.

After the homework was done, the subject of the baby came up again. Ane was asking me what kind of things she would be doing as “Mommy’s helper.” I mentioned fetching me things like diapers and wipes and diaper covers, and maybe keeping an eye on Baby if I needed to go to the bathroom or answer the phone.

She eyed my stomach critically. “I think the baby’s a boy.”

I was shocked. “But you keep telling me you want a little sister!”

She nodded. “Yeah. I think the baby’s a boy, but I really want a little sister.”

“Covering your bases, are you?” I asked.


As I said later to the Webmaster, “You think she’s preparing herself not to be disappointed either way?”

3 Responses to “Ane Speaks – Covering Her Bases”

  1. Ressis
    October 22nd, 2009 07:55

    I think she’s bracing herself for the “disappointment” of another brother. Tell her that I’m rooting for a girl too!

  2. Grandma
    October 22nd, 2009 10:29

    Even adults use this ploy, mostly subconsciously. This way, she is right (which carries its own satisfaction) or she is thrilled. Either way there is an “up side”.

  3. Ressis
    October 22nd, 2009 11:33

    See, this is why I’m a proud pessimist: we expect the worse and we can never be disappointed, it’s either what we expected or we’re pleasantly surprised. Always an up-side.