Kids Speak – two stories from Sunday

Tad refused to eat dinner on Sunday night. Shocking, I know. Friend is a great cook, and yet Tad chooses to be picky.

He didn’t seem to care much, though, and was happily playing with toys. He had dumped out some alphabet blocks and was arranging them back in their wooden cart (while reading the letters and pictures on them) when baby Rupert crawled over and began to grab and gnaw on a couple of the blocks.

Tad snatched one of them away – and then realized it was slimed with baby drool. “Ewww! Mama, baby make block all yuck!” he complained. He then wiped the block vigorously on the carpet before sticking it into the cart.

Rupert was undaunted, and continued to drool and grab, much to Tad’s disgust.

Ohhh, having a new baby around is going to be fun


Ane is working very hard on reading at school. As we were driving home from Friend and Doc’s house, she spotted a sign at a strip mall. “Hey, Mommy, I can read that sign! It says ‘Tinker Bell!'” she exclaimed.

I had no idea what she was talking about – and I was driving – but the Webmaster was able to see it. “Um, Ane, that’s close, but the sign actually says ‘Thai Bistro,'” he told her.

“Well, she got the initials right,” I muttered to the Webmaster.

And Ane has Tinker Bell on the brain… because we saw Disney on Ice last Friday night! Pictures to come tomorrow!

One Response to “Kids Speak – two stories from Sunday”

  1. Ressis
    November 9th, 2009 07:30

    My girls LOVE Tinker Bell. We don’t have the newest movie, but they’re getting it for Christmas.