Pregnancy Brain

As wonderfully as Tad is doing in potty training, he’s still wearing overnight Pull-Ups at bedtime. We have experimented with underwear at night, but since there are no guarantees and he moves around so much at night from spot to spot to spot, it’s just easier and safer to keep him in Pull-Ups. He does nap while in underwear, though.

Anyway, we were down to the last overnight Pull-Up in the package, and I was saying out loud to the Webmaster how I was really going to have to remember to pick up another package tomorrow, which won’t be the easiest thing since we just took the minivan in for it’s 60K tune-up and are down to one car at the moment, and thinking that maybe we could get away with a normal daytime Pull-Up for a couple of nights…

… and then I sat down at the computer and spotted the Costco box of Pull-Ups that I just bought with the last coupon book sitting by the back door. And yes, it has about a month’s worth of overnight Pull-Ups in there.

I’m tired. What can I say?

It’s okay. The kids still love me, even if Mommy still crashes at the same time they do in the afternoon every day.

One Response to “Pregnancy Brain”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    November 13th, 2009 09:38

    Pregnancy brain must be a little like old people’s brain, except mine is permanent, and probably will get worse. Just smile and enjoy it!