Webmaster Speaks – the blame game

Tuesday night was haircut night here at the Corner. Tad was looking a little too shaggy, and the Webmaster had been begging me to cut his hair for a couple of weeks. I’d actually taken Ane to a local chain to get her haircut recently, because the kids’ salon that we’ve been frequenting over the last couple of years (which the kids and I really liked) changed management… and not for the better. The last straw was when I showed up to get a quick bang trim for Ane when they were supposed to be opening up… and no one was there. As in, the business did not open that morning. I called to complain about it that afternoon, and all I got were lame excuses. So we haven’t been back and I’ve been cutting everyone’s hair ever since. But Ane needed a lot of hair chopped off (I had five inches taken off the length) and I didn’t feel like doing it myself. But since we own a buzzer with guides, I’m pretty comfortable with cutting the Webmaster’s and Tad’s hair – provided they sit still. It’s always a little bit more of a challenge with Tad.

Me? I have regular appointments at the local salon that Ressis introduced me to a couple of years ago. What, you thought I cut my own hair? Or let the Webmaster do it?

But I digress.

After all the hair was cut, the Webmaster began cleaning up and vacuuming up. Tad was asleep by the time I was done cutting his father’s hair (I’d cut Tad’s first). Ane was still awake, but tucked in bed.

I was in the bathroom cleaning up when I heard the Webmaster yell. “Ewww! Deanna! Tad wiped a booger on the extension cord!”

“What? That doesn’t sound like Tad.”

“I know what I felt! It was slimy and gross.”

“Tad’s more likely to wipe a booger on his clothes than the extension cord. Are you sure it was him?”

He didn’t answer me. He went back to vacuuming, but no more than 30 seconds later, I heard the Webmaster yell, “Aw, CRAP!”

“What?” I yelled anxiously, not knowing what had just happened, except that he’d shut off the vacuum cleaner.

“There’s a FROG in the house!” he yelled back.


“I just saw a FROG!”

The Webmaster quickly caught a tiny little frog that had somehow made its way in during the evening… and had apparently slimed the extension cord at one point. Our best guess is that the froggie snuck in while we were shaking hair off towels and the haircut cape.

We have seen many a frog out in the yard before – they’re really no bigger than 50 cent pieces – but never before has one gotten into the house.

The Webmaster set him free in the front yard, and Ane came running. “There was a FROG IN THE HOUSE??” she shrieked.

“Yes, but Daddy put him outside,” I told her.

I then told the Webmaster that whenever he blames one of the kids for doing something, I am going to ask him if he’s sure that it wasn’t a frog that did it.

(Fast forward… another – or was it the same one? – frog jumped into the house last night as we were coming in from church. Ane was grossed out, but Tad was thrilled to pieces and would have been willing to keep the little guy as a pet. I think he’s better off living outside in our front yard. It’s really weird to have frogs trying to get into our house. One or two frogs isn’t exactly a plague, but it is kind of fitting that we’ve been reading about the 10 plagues of Egypt to Ane at bedtime.)

One Response to “Webmaster Speaks – the blame game”

  1. Ressis
    November 19th, 2009 15:48

    In Texas, we would have little geckos in the house (3 inches at the max). Since they, like frogs, eat bugs we were more than happy to do a catch and release in our yard.