Cousin Fun

The cousins are here! The cousins are here!

Oh, and they brought Uncle Captain and Aunt Q-Bee, too.

The last few days have seen us here from the Corner getting reacquainted with Belle, and meeting Berry and Beth for the first time. Because the last time that both the Captain and Q-Bee were here, she was pregnant with Berry… almost two years ago. Berry is now almost 20 months old, and Beth is five months old.

Nice to meet you!

Q-Bee threw us a tea party yesterday at a local tea shop that we’ve frequented before, but has changed owners since any of us had last been there. I am pleased to report that the eats are still as tasty as ever. All the little girls went along for the party, too.

Ane, Dolly, and Belle

Dolly even got to come. I think Ane has a renewed appreciation for Dolly, now that she sees how much Belle and Berry like her doll. The three girls (Beth doesn’t eat anything but rice cereal right now) all got to have a kids’ tea – which for them was a pot of hot chocolate, peanut butter tea sandwiches, fruit, soup and salad (part of the high tea the grownups were having), and cookies.

Auntie and Beth

Beth got handed around to all the grownups, but she definitely preferred her Mommy. Problem was, someone else wanted Mommy, too.

Q-Bee and Berry

Berry finally got distracted enough with her food for Q-Bee to hold Beth for a bottle. And after Beth finally dropped off for a nap, Q-Bee could eat and enjoy a little more of the lovely tea that she’d arranged. Beth found another place to sleep.

Beth naps on Aunt Deanna

Yes, I got a snoozing Beth to cuddle. I was able to balance her perfectly between my “baby tummy” and the table’s edge. Or, as Obachan succinctly put it, “Well, you’ve got the extra padding for it right now.”

A good time was had by all, and Ane and Belle spent some time playing together and bonding a little more.

And don’t worry about Tad… he played with Legos all afternoon with his Uncle Captain. He had a great time away from all the girls and estrogen and breakable china.

Cousins are great fun. I just wish we could have fun with them more often. Still, we’re enjoying the time that we do have with them.

One Response to “Cousin Fun”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    November 25th, 2009 09:11

    I didn’t see Gramma? What fun to have all those generations and all those little girls at tea. Enjoy your family!