Colder Snap

How cold is it?

According to AccuWeather.com, when Tad goes out to the bus stop this morning, it will only be 19 degrees.

When Ane goes out to the bus stop an hour and a half later, it will only be 21 degrees.


Yesterday I started a fire in our fireplace insert at 9 am, and it was still warm to the touch from the night before. It heats the house quite nicely (being an insert and all) and we’ve been able to keep the core of the house nice and warm.

Then I started in on cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry like mad. My mother wanted to know if I was nesting.

But I couldn’t decorate the kitchen for Christmas and NOT wash the cabinets down. And then the floor looked worse. And the laundry kept piling up…

So, the Christmas decorating is officially DONE (a big improvement over last year), this year’s Santa picture is on display, and I have butter softening for cookies.

I must be getting more organized, or I really am nesting. Either that, or the cozy house with the roaring fire is more inspiring than I thought. Hmmm…

One Response to “Colder Snap”

  1. Ressis
    December 8th, 2009 11:06

    Yup, it’s cold in Oklahoma too. We’ve warmed up to 33 degrees and now that the kids are home from school and errands we’re not leaving for the rest of the day. And I’m way behind on Christmas decorating, I only got started yesterday and didn’t get very far.