New Ornaments of the Year

Well, maybe not necessarily new, but new to our family’s tree. And the brand-new ones the kids picked out as their annual ornament for this year.

Ane has been on a Little Mermaid kick – Ariel is arguably her favorite princess, and if not her favorite, she’s in the top three. Last year, Santa left this ornament in her stocking:

Ariel in pink

It also came with a mermaid version of Ariel in a miniature two-pack. And this year, Ane fell in love with another Ariel ornament – though she dithered for a bit about it, she did ultimately stick with the mermaid:

Ariel's coral tree

Tad has his favorites – and they all are either Pixar movie characters or Star Wars characters. Last year, Santa left this highly desirable ornament in his stocking:

Happy WALL-E Days

And when I say “highly desirable,” I mean “impossible to find and ordered in through the network of Hallmark stores from a store in Oregon, who sent it to our local Hallmark with the order that IF we did not get it from them within 48 hours of its arrival, it was going on the shelf where it WOULD be snapped up, because every store in western Washington was sold out.” Guess who went to Hallmark through the snow to MAKE SURE this ornament was in Tad’s stocking??

Umm, yeah. Santa. Uh-huh.

Tad loves his WALL-E ornament… so much so that I have found him taking it off the tree to play with it. Which is a big no-no.

And Tad, predictably, went for Star Wars this year.

Anakin Skywalker - Clone Wars version

This Anakin came with his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. Tad is a huge fan of the Clone Wars cartoon series, so this was a good pick for him. The whole point of the kids picking an ornament each year is that it tells us a little bit about their personalities at that time – and to start building a collection of their own.

Now for an old ornament, but one that I am glad to have:

circa 1988-ish

It’s just a cross-stitched Christmas wreath ornament that came from a kit, but I made this sometime around 1988, when I was ten, I think. This was my second cross-stitch project – my first one was a red cardinal bird Christmas ornament kit that I gave to my grandmother when I was nine (she loves birds), which she still has on her tree. The wreath I gave to my Obachan and Ojichan for their Christmas tree. Now that Obachan has downsized (again), she decided to get rid of more ornaments. My mom discovered them and rescued a few for me, including this one. I was happy to hang it on the tree and tell Ane all about it this year.

And of course, I bought this year’s new Snoopy ornaments from Hallmark. Someday, I will have a Peanuts tree. I’m sure I have enough to justify a second tree by now.

One Response to “New Ornaments of the Year”

  1. Ressis
    December 10th, 2009 09:03

    You and Little Cousin. She is in love with Snoopy right now. She’ll randomly sing the songs from “Snoopy Come Home” around the house.