Sensational Six

Dear Ane,

You are six years old today, and I… am old. At least, that’s how I feel. You, however, feel that you are not old enough. Maybe we can both stop worrying about how old we are and enjoying where we are instead.

There is so much that has happened to you in this last year, sweetheart. You have begun kindergarten. You ride on a school bus daily. You are growing up before my eyes – but I thought I had a six-year-old, not a teenager. There will be plenty of time to ask for pierced ears, a cell phone, and an iPod later. You still love everything about princesses and dolls and dress-up, so I know that you really are just six. But you want to straddle both worlds, and sometimes it drives Daddy and me bonkers.

I have seen the development of your willing and helpful spirit, and know that it will really emerge when your baby brother shows up next year. I know that you desire to be a helper to the grown-ups in your life, which does temper the fact that sometimes you become quite the little dictator to other kids to achieve this goal… especially your brother. Which leads me to the theme of this year’s letter.

Ane, your goal this year is to stop worrying about everyone and everything else, and be responsible for yourself.

This is a hard goal, I know. Adults even have a difficult time with this one. Sometimes, like Mommy, we are obligated to worry about things, like our kids or finances. But I want to keep impressing upon you that you are NOT in charge and responsible for the actions of other people. ESPECIALLY your brother. He is going at his own pace, and will continue to do so, no matter how much you want to check up on him or do things for him. He has to learn to be responsible for his own actions, too.

Your responsibility for yourself begins with your mouth. I will freely admit that you come by this problem honestly, but maybe we can both hold to the truth of James 3:2 – “We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.” Ane, if you can learn to control what you say, and realize that words mean things, then you will be able to control the rest of your behavior easily. Think before you speak, my sweet girl, and your father and I will promise to do the same.

You are six years old, Ane, and I treasure every minute of being your mommy. Even in the hard times, I wouldn’t give up being your mom for anything – not even for peppermint mocha frappuccinos. I love you with all my heart, and every day I praise God for you and delight in watching you grow. May God bless you and keep you – may He make His face shine upon you, be gracious to you, and give you peace.

Happy 6th Birthday!


Ane and Dolly, Christmas morning 2009

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