Three Hour Test

Because I can only borderline FAIL a glucose tolerance test, I got to spend three hours at the hospital lab this morning, buzzed up beyond belief for the first hour on sugar and having my blood drawn on the hour for three hours. Add in the fasting blood sugar draw that was drawn when I first walked in, that makes 4 sticks with the needle, two in each arm.

What fun! The drink of choice today was lemon-lime glucose. It was like drinking Sprite-flavored syrup.

My blood sugar does not do well when I am pregnant… and yet, I am not diabetic. I have blown the one-hour test twice (when I was pregnant with Tad, I didn’t even bother doing a one-hour and went straight to the three-hour test), but I have always turned out fine with the three-hour glucose test. So, yesterday morning, with the Webmaster and the kids still asleep, I drove to the hospital lab before the sun rose to start getting stuck.

What does one do during three hours to kill in a lab?

I brought a couple of books. I brought my Christmas thank-you notes to work on. I brought Ane’s new paper dolls, because I had promised to cut them out for her. I took the iPod.

I wrote several thank-you notes before striking up a conversation with another mom in the same boat I was… except that this was her first time doing the three-hour. So, while we chatted, I started cutting out paper doll clothes. The lab techs were fascinated by the paper dolls – they wanted to know who I was cutting them for – and the other mom said that she is looking forward to when her daughter is old enough for paper dolls (she is 16 months old).

After the three hours were up, I got some food and then started running errands. I came home absolutely zonked. I hope Rerun appreciates all of this. Not likely. Neither of the other two appreciated it.

The paper dolls are all cut out now. Ane was thrilled with them and disappeared into her room for a couple of hours before dinner. She came out to report that they were great and she was having fun. I love paper dolls. They are great, inexpensive, and imaginative toys.

Test results should be back later in the week. In the meantime, I’m going to refill my water bottle.

2 Responses to “Three Hour Test”

  1. Ressis
    January 5th, 2010 07:25

    I got worn out just reading this. Take a nap! You’ve earned it.

  2. Aunt Lynda
    January 5th, 2010 13:28

    I love paper dolls and had a big cardboard box of them when I was young. What a chore to keep them from my sisters. I used old wallpaper catalogs and magazine pages to make clothes for them. Hours and hours and hours!
    I’m so happy Ane is a dolly type girl.