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There were thumbs-up given by the kids to a new cookie recipe that I made Monday night – it was from an old Quick Cooking (which I don’t think is even called that anymore – right, Mom?). Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies. Tad was especially impressed with them while I was baking them, and insisted on being up on the stepstool, observing the whole process. “Mama, it smell! It smell like… peanut butter sandwich!

I admit, there are some times when I think all the neurons in his brain are firing correctly.

Ane was also excited by the cookies… but voiced a concern. “But Mom, Baby Cousin can’t eat these cookies!”

I blinked. “Um, Ane, Baby Cousin isn’t even in the same STATE as we are right now, so she’s going to be just fine.”

“But she can’t have peanut butter! She’s allergic!”

“That’s true. But she’s not here.

A pause. “I miss my cousins, Mom.”

However, missing her cousins didn’t stop her from eating a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie.


Tad came home with a note from the school library yesterday… apparently, there’s a book that he checked out that’s never come back to school.

I’m usually really good about keeping track of library books, so I emailed his teacher to see when this particular book was checked out.

December 16th.

That book cannot possibly be in our house. I just know I didn’t keep a library book over Christmas break.

However, just in case it doesn’t turn up, I stopped by Barnes & Noble last night. Tad’s school isn’t going to charge us for the book – they either a) want the book back, or b) have the book replaced with an identical copy or a similarly-themed story book. Interesting. The school library is full of out-of-print books (I know, because Tad has really liked some that I could only find on eBay or at the library), and I had NO luck finding this particular title – I even Googled the title with zero results.

B&N has clearance tables full of stuff right now – the Christmas Leftovers Purge – and I found a cute little storybook with a similar theme (the book that has vanished is a Christmas story book) for… $1.97.

So, if I do end up replacing a missing book, at least I got a good one for a GREAT deal. Still, I am kind of wondering what happened to the book… and if it really is in the house somewhere…


The Captain texted me on Saturday with the question, “When are we all going to Disneyland?”

This has been an ongoing discussion, but between babies being born, Auntie preparing to graduate in 2011, and possible future deployments for the Captain and/or Oddball… it just keeps being an ongoing discussion.

But this all came up because the Webmaster and I both gave this DVD to the Captain and Ressis this last Christmas. Because we’re trying to indoctrinate our nieces, or something.


No math homework for Ane last night, thank goodness. It’s been like pulling loose teeth out – seriously, and with about as much drama. But the Webmaster discovered a stash of fliers from school in her room at bedtime. She wasn’t hiding them from us – they were just school newsletters and the like – but there were things in there that we definitely needed to know about.

So, FYI, Grandma, start saving cardboard toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, and mac ‘n cheese boxes – they’re going to need them at school. The “wood, paper, and construction” unit is coming.

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  1. Ressis
    January 27th, 2010 16:42

    Yeah, thanks for that DVD by the way. It’s Baby Cousin’s FAVORITE! It’s what she always picks to watch. I got so sick of it the week after we got home that I hid it, but somehow the kids knew where it was and kept requesting it.

    And it certainly gotten Oddball and me thinking and talking about Disneyland. . .