So, not everything on the list got done. Big shock. But we did have Crock Pot Beans for the Super Bowl. Doc was trying to think of a holiday that would justify having beans – I just suggested that we have them for the Super Bowl each year. Not that I don’t make them more often than that, mind you. Any time there’s a BBQ/potluck, especially in the spring and summer – and Tad’s birthday – there are usually beans to be had.

Rupert had his first taste of them, too – and then he couldn’t get enough of them. I think now is the time when I formally issue an apology to Friend – her house is probably going to be very musical over the next day or so.

Anyway, the list. Or lists, as it were. My “get ready for Rerun” list is about half complete – Tad’s room is a continual disaster, but that’s because he insists on having almost every book he owns within easy reach. But as I’ve said, many things ARE ready for Rerun… except a name. Why is that so hard?? (He will be keeping Rerun as a blog name – I’ve gotten used to it and I think it’s cute.)

Ane’s Valentines are mostly finished – on the advice of her teacher, we’re taking some time to write out the names of her classmates on them. This way, no one gets overly discouraged at the 25 names to write, plus writing your own name an equal number of times. And Ane’s real name is much longer than her blog name, as she continually reminds me every time that she has to write thank-you notes. Tad’s have not yet been purchased – it slipped my mind at Fred Meyer on Saturday, but I’ll be able to find something in the next couple of days.

I’m switching out my dishes TODAY. I needed the serving dishes in the Winterberry pattern for serving food for the Super Bowl. But almost everything is washed and ready to be put away – except the butter dish. I’ll have to do that one last minute.

And I did three loads of laundry on Saturday. Tad went through a pair of jeans every single day last week. Good thing he owns plenty of jeans (some short, some long, some hand-me-down) right now. And everyone has clean sheets on their bed at the moment. Tad even has a new pillowcase – courtesy of Grandma – on his bed: shark flannel. Grandma actually found shark flannel at a fabric store and bought some to make a pillowcase for Tad. It hasn’t left his bed ever since he got it.

This is especially fitting in light of what Tad said during singing time at Sunday School yesterday – my mother said that someone suggested they sing “Fishers of Men,” at which point Tad said, “I’ll catch a shark!

Back to the lists. I need to make a list of things to order from Stampin’ Up – must start thinking about baby announcements. There should be a list of things to take to the hospital – I’ve already started packing some clothes for both me and Rerun in a duffel bag. I need to write up the kids’ schedules for a typical school day, just in case someone needs to take that over and I’m not available to give instructions.

And maybe a list of baby names… just in case.

One Response to “Lists”

  1. Ressis
    February 8th, 2010 10:18

    Well, I got 90% of my laundry done, that last 10% needs to be folded. Pesky socks.