Love Triangle

Yet another chapter in the twisted love story of John, Paul, and Yoko… I mean the Brain, Head, and Ane.

We saw quite a bit of Doc and the boys this last weekend – we baby-sat the boys while Doc went to a wedding Saturday afternoon, and then we had Doc and the boys over for the Super Bowl on Sunday. We didn’t get to see Friend at all, because she was playing piano for events around Seattle.

Ane, who still assumes most of the time that she will marry the Brain when everyone is of legal age, made him a “ring” on Saturday. This “ring” – which was just supposed to be a special gift, nothing else, just a craft project that she made for him – was a sparkly pipe cleaner about the diameter of a 50 cent piece, with some beads and sequins strung on it.

She gave it to the Brain on Saturday, but he forgot to take it with him when he went home. Ane discovered it a little later and was upset that he had forgotten it, but I reminded her that she could just give it to him tomorrow when they came over to watch the Super Bowl. Instantly mollified, she set it aside.

Ane gave it to him almost as soon as he walked in the door on Sunday, and she made sure that he left with it after dinner.

Yesterday, I was getting Tad in the car to go pick Ane up from school, when what sparkly thing catches my eye from underneath my hydrangea bush in the front yard?

Ane’s “ring.”

Knowing that she would be upset if she found it, I picked it up after I buckled Tad into his car seat, and then hid it in the glove compartment of the minivan.

I’m pretty convinced that the Brain tossed it – after all, what does he really want with it? But he doesn’t dare say to her face that he doesn’t want these things from her, because if he does, she’d probably just give them to Head. And Head, who is quite devoted to Ane at the moment and would accept her small trinkets with a smile, is playing more and more often with Ane on his own, while the Brain is off doing his own thing.

But the Brain is probably not the type of boy to give up a girl so easily to his younger brother.

Hence, the accepting of the “ring.”

And the subsequent tossing.

And the rest of us get to watch these little elementary soap operas play out in front of us.

Though I seriously do NOT want a litterbug as a future son-in-law.

One Response to “Love Triangle”

  1. Ressis
    February 10th, 2010 08:02

    In ten years, or less, they will all be repulsed by these stories.