Back on Track

Everyone who is supposed to be in school goes back to school today!!!

Spring break was definitely a bust this year.  The weather was dreadful – it rained all week, and only finally cleared up over the weekend.  Ane wanted to have a play date with somebody – anybody! – but so many people came down with stomach flu and colds that she didn’t get to play with anyone except Auntie.  Ane was supposed to go to a birthday party on Saturday, and even THAT got canceled and rescheduled because the birthday girl came down sick.

When the highlight of your week is going to the dentist, getting your teeth cleaned, and finding out that you don’t have any cavities, it says something about how terribly boring that week has been.

Both Ane and Tad are looking forward to going back to school.

And Rerun is looking forward to some peace and quiet.

If only he could look forward without going cross-eyed.

One Response to “Back on Track”

  1. Ressis
    April 13th, 2010 07:04

    Loving the cross-eyed baby pics!