The Lucky T-shirt

It was lucky.  The luck ran out on Saturday.

The shirt was given to Rerun by Auntie when he was born.  He wore it to the first softball game of hers that he went to – which they won!

He wore it again on Saturday, when Auntie’s team was in the playoffs for state.  They lost.  Hence the bummed expression on Rerun’s face.

So, the shirt is 1-1.  And it will be too small for him next season.  We’ll have to find a new lucky shirt.  And maybe Ane and Tad should get some shirts, too.

He’s still the world’s best nephew… right after Tad.  But they didn’t have the shirt in Tad’s size.

One Response to “The Lucky T-shirt”

  1. Ressis
    May 26th, 2010 06:20

    His cute little nose is red, he looks congested.