The Magic Box

So… we recently got Verizon FiOS – even though Verizon is leaving Washington state and Frontier is going to take over… blah blah blah…

This was entirely the Webmaster’s decision and doing.  But as a result, we now have more channels than I know what to do with.

(And I made the mistake of getting hooked on The Tudors right before the Webmaster discovered that Verizon had accidentally hooked us up to the Showtime extra package.  Boo.)

But on the plus side, we now have a few more options for the kids.  For example, Nick Jr. is commercial-free (always good).  And we found Discovery Kids – and Tad’s new favorite show, Kenny the Shark.  I’ll give you three guesses why it’s his new favorite show – and the first two don’t count.

The Webmaster is just happy that Burn Notice just started up again.  Me, I’m happy that The Next Food Network Star has started up again.

Still, I’d rather the weather improve and kids spend time outside (getting allergic rashes, of all things!) than watching TV.

And this picture is for Cousin Shelley:

Rain, rain, go away…

One Response to “The Magic Box”

  1. Cousin Shelley
    June 7th, 2010 12:23

    I LOVE IT!!