This is it

It’s the last day of school for both Ane and Tad.

Ane leaves behind kindergarten, a wonderful teacher, and half-days.  Come next fall, I will be packing her a lunch and saying good-bye for over six hours every day.  My firstborn will be in first grade!

At least she will be at the same school next year.  Tad is leaving behind his beloved preschool, which has meant so much to us, his teacher and paraeducator, who have been so wonderfully patient and understanding with him, and his adored speech therapist.  He is moving on to the contained learning center kindergarten at a HUGE new school, with a new teacher and speech therapist and a completely new environment and set of rules.

I have already told his new teacher about his love of sharks.

His new teacher comes highly recommended by everyone (including Ane’s kindergarten teacher – her son was in this class), but I know that he will miss his preschool and the familiar routines.  I plan on making the effort to keep in touch with his preschool teachers and speech therapist – I want them to know how he is getting along.

It seems that every school year, one kid is making some kind of “big” change.  This last year, Ane made the jump to kindergarten and a new school very successfully.  I can only hope and pray that Tad is just as successful next fall.

Tad will still be going half-days (we will find out if he’s morning or afternoon during the summer, but either one works for us with Ane in school all day), but I think my days might be a lot more quiet around here for longer periods of time.  It’ll just be me and Rerun.

But before I even know it, he’ll probably want to start rolling over and crawling.

They are all growing up too fast on me.

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