Peace and Quiet

The birds are chirping, and I can hear them.

The house is unusually quiet.  Tad looks a little lonely.

Ane got a phone call yesterday from her Great-Grandma, who invited her over to spend the night.  She eagerly accepted.

Right before bedtime, Ane called home to say good-night… and to check up on her brothers and see if we were missing her.

This time away from each other is a good thing, because Ane and Tad definitely have a tendency to go at each other.  A LOT.  Being only 19 months apart in age, Ane doesn’t remember life before Tad… and she’s always been there for him.

They have been each other’s constant playmate, well, forever.  They get on each other’s nerves, bicker, spat and fight.

But when they finally get a break from each other, Tad wonders aloud where his Ane went, and she calls home to see what he is up to.

While I am relishing the peace and quiet (Tad and Rerun don’t fight with each other), I guess I don’t mind the chaos restarting when Ane comes home later today.  Because deep, deep, DEEP down, I know that Ane and Tad really do love each other.

Or, at least, they love to beat on each other.

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