A day out with the boys

With Ane in music camp all week, this leaves me with just the boys for a little over six hours a day.  Yesterday after Tad finally got up and had breakfast, and Rerun “ate” his second breakfast, we finally got out of the house.

I told Tad that we needed to go shopping, and promised him a trip to the pet store IF we could go shopping at Target first.  He agreed, and we were off.

At Target, we picked up shampoo, hand soap, vitamins and a 100 fluid ounce jug of bubble solution – very important stuff, you know.  Rerun slept through this errand while Tad rode in the basket of the cart and was my “helper” – meaning he kept finding things to buy.  Which is why we picked up another bubble wand and a cheaply-made police car from the dollar bins.

Then we drove over to Petsmart, and I put Rerun – who had woken up – into the Baby Bjorn carrier.  Tad eagerly walked his “route” around Petsmart – first the reptiles, then the fish, then the birds, then the small furry animals (hamsters and guinea pigs), then the doggie day care area, then the cat adoption room, and then we finally end at the grooming salon at the front of the store.  This is our pattern, and we’re sticking to it.

Tad then asked to walk over to Barnes & Noble – or, as he calls it, the “bookstory.”  I made him stop at the OshKosh outlet store on the way there, because I wanted to pick up a baby gift for a shower that I’m going to in a couple of weeks.  Tad HATES this store, mostly because it is so boring to him.  But he behaved pretty well – especially when he saw all the shark motifs in the boys’ clothes.  What is it with sharks in boys’ clothes this spring and summer?  Not that I’m complaining (though Tad complains plenty when his shark underwear is not washed and in his drawer), but it’s as if Gymboree and OshKosh got together and decided that the best way to separate me from my money was to offer lots of different boys’ clothes with sharks on them.  Still, we can’t buy everything – which is why I vetoed most everything Tad wanted, save one shark tank top that was on the clearance rack.  I bought him some socks, too, but there were no sharks on them.  Therefore, they were boring.

We finally walked into Barnes & Noble, where we did not spend any money at all.  This is what is known as a miraculous happening.  And trust me, Tad had his eye on a few books – mostly a Star Wars: Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia.  As if he doesn’t have enough Star Wars books.  I managed to lure him out of Barnes & Noble with the promise of a free cookie at Top Foods.

Once the promised cookie was procured, I picked up a few items, and then realized that Rerun, who was facing forward, was beginning to slump.  At the checkout counter, the checker noted that he had crashed on me.

So, with my groceries and OshKosh bags in one hand, Tad holding a finger on that same hand, and the other hand holding Rerun’s sleeping head up, we headed back to the car, having spent plenty of time running around, getting our errands done, and having some fun along the way.

Just me and my boys.

2 Responses to “A day out with the boys”

  1. Ressis
    June 30th, 2010 06:59

    Don’t forget about Pottery barn Kids jumping on the Shark theme.

  2. Aunt Lynda
    June 30th, 2010 07:18

    Sounds like the perfect shopping trip for all, and Tad was maybe ready for a nap too.