Shark Sheets

While we were at U Village on Monday, we stopped in at the one and only Pottery Barn Kids store in the area (and possibly the whole state, though there are plenty of regular Pottery Barn stores), where I saved a bundle on shipping by buying these shark sheets at the store.

Tad saw us buying them and immediately knew that the “blue sharks” were for him.

And the second we walked through the front door, he wanted those “blue sharks” on his bed.  Yesterday, if possible.

So, guess who stripped his bed and immediately did a load of laundry?  Yes, that’s right… ME.

When he crawled into bed last night, the Webmaster asked Tad, “Is it like the ocean?”

And Tad grinned and replied, “Look, Daddy, Tad in the ocean!”

Now, the sheets are twin-sized, and he’s still in a toddler bed, so it took some creative folding to get the sheets to work (mostly) properly, but we wanted him to be able to use these sheets for years (plus PBK didn’t have the shark sheets in toddler size, anyway).  And no, he still doesn’t have a proper comforter or quilt, so he’s still using his fleece Tigger “blunkly” and his Clone Wars fleece blanket as covers on his bed.  Of course, with warm weather coming, he really won’t need the fleece blankets.  However, I recently purchased three yards of great white shark fabric.  Then Grandma and I went to the fabric store to find some coordinating pieces.  He’s going to have a shark quilt made just for him before too long.

He’s already seen me wash the great white shark fabric, and then saw me folding it up with the other fabrics.  When I placed them all in a bag, Tad pulled the fabric back out of the bag to gaze at and admire.

“Tad, please put the fabric back,” I told him.

He hugged the fabric to himself.  “Mama, you share the great white shark?”

“Yes, buddy, I will,” I promised.

Guess I’d better get cracking on that quilt, or I’ll be in real trouble.

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