In his face

Sometimes, they smother him.

Other times, he’s just cramping their style.

For example, we’ve had some very hot days, and I’ve put off going to one of the local water parks.  Mostly because I have no wingman to deal with three kids, and because Rerun doesn’t need a lot of sun or heat exposure at his age.  We’ve spent the last couple of days running errands to air-conditioned places and staying home in front of our own A/C unit.

Ane is quite aware that her baby brother is keeping her from the park.  She’s also made is quite clear to me that she considers that MY problem, not hers.

We probably will be going to the park today.  But we won’t stay for more than a couple of hours.  I think I’ll be able to bribe them away after that with the promise of lunch at the Golden Arches (we have a gift card from Nana and Papa to use).

Still, I have my fingers crossed.

But at least I have the baby to play as my trump card.

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