We Survived

The big “heat wave” in the Seattle area is over for now, and we managed to live through it.  The person it was hardest on was poor little Rerun.  He could hardly nap during the day because of the heat (unless we were in the car), even with the A/C unit and fans running.  Poor baby.  He loves to be cuddled so much, and the warmth was just bothering him and he couldn’t take any comfort in being cuddled.

So, the cool air and clouds coming in are a big relief for him – and me.

We spent 2 hours at the water park on Friday, from 10 am to noon.  Ane and Tad were thrilled and pretty well behaved, and I set up my new foldable chair with a sun shade right on the edge of the covered area, so Rerun and I were completely shaded from the sun (even though I was wearing sunscreen; Rerun wasn’t).  When I said it was time to leave, Tad’s lips had turned blue and he had taken his Cars beach towel, wrapped himself in it, and laid down on the hot asphalt to warm up.  He LOVED the water park.  Ane enjoyed herself too, but she really was wanting to have a friend along, and no one was available.

She had plenty of friend time on Saturday, though, and spent most of the evening over at Big Jay and Little Mo’s house just down the street, even having a hot dog and making s’mores in their backyard over the bonfire.  Tad and I ran some errands out in Mill Creek, going to Central Market to pick up some Japanese food groceries – and looking at the crab and lobster tanks.  Saturday’s weather was definitely cooler, so Rerun was having an easier time of it.

By Sunday, the weather had changed and was quite cool.  The Webmaster had kept the A/C running on power save mode while we were at church, so the house was plenty cold when we got back.  I started switching off fans when I noticed both Ane and Tad were watching TV while wrapped up in fleece blankets.

Saturday was Grandma’s birthday, so we went out to Red Robin on Sunday night (after Auntie got back from yet another softball tournament).  The sun had broken through the clouds, and the evening was positively lovely.  Dinner was yummy, though Ane was hungry later.  I don’t think the chicken tenders kids meal filled her up as much as the kids’ pizza usually does.  After a trip to Barnes & Noble – or, as Tad calls it, the “bookstory” – and spending money (oh so easy there), we spent a little time at Grandma and Gichan’s before coming home for bedtime.

So, the hot hot hot weather is over, to be replaced with cool air and possible showers early in the week, giving way to mild temperatures and sunshine.  My plan is to keep these kids busy!  We’re going to play at Tad’s preschool playground today – there’s an open play time for all current and former students – and then I have other fun things planned… well, at least until Thursday, when Rerun has his 4 month old checkup.  That won’t be fun – I’m sure there will be shots – but we will find out how much the little butterball has grown.

Let the fun in the cooler weather begin!

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  1. Ressis
    July 12th, 2010 08:13

    Yeah, we’re getting cooler weather too. By “cooler” I mean 85 and thunderstorms.