When the weather turns…

Here is Rerun in hot weather.

Since he’s too little to wear sunscreen, I bought him his own rashguard (SPF 50) to help keep the sun off, and I remembered his hat.

He liked being outside, watching all the activity.

Now, here is Rerun in cooler weather.

We’re back to the long sleeves, comfy pants, and socks.¬† It rained for a good part of yesterday – including the part when we were at the open play at Tad’s preschool today – so once we got back and had lunch, I buckled Rerun into the highchair so he could watch me wash dishes.¬† I bored him right to sleep.

And Tad had run around so much that…

… not even one of his favorite shark documentaries could keep him awake.

The weather will slowly start warming up again, so the forecast says… but at least Rerun has plenty of hand-me-downs from Tad to wear that will keep him warm (thanks to the boys being born in different seasons).

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