Going Gluten Free

Yes, we’re going to give it the old college try.  Which will last about as long as a college quarter… at least to start with.

Tad is going gluten-free to see if it alters his behavior at all.  When last we considered this, we consulted a naturopath, who put him on all sorts of vitamins.  He did take a blood test at the time to see if he was gluten intolerant, which we now know that he isn’t.

After five solid months of vitamins, we have come to the conclusion that they aren’t working.  In theory, we should have seen something after 2 months if it was going to be effective.  I think that we can all safely say no, they aren’t.  At least, not for Tad.  We’re going to continue to give him fish oil and extra vitamin D, since pediatricians are very much pushing the vitamin D supplements right now, but we’re cutting everything else out.

So, we’re now going gluten-free for at least 3 months to see if that has any effect on him.  From what I’ve read, 6 weeks is the absolute minimum time to see any results, and 3 months is better.

Going gluten-free is a lot easier in this day and age than one would think, but it means that you do have to think about every single thing that goes in your child’s mouth.  I had to check all of Tad’s vitamins and his toothpaste to make sure they were gluten-free (they were).  Those free cookies from the bakery at all the grocery stores that Tad loves to ask for?  Not anymore.  I went grocery shopping with the kids yesterday and managed to avoid the bakery altogether – but I couldn’t avoid Ane’s whining.  Not Tad’s, Ane’s.  She knows her brother is on a special diet for a while, but why should that keep her from getting a cookie?

I asked her how she would feel if she were the one on the special diet and I let Tad have a cookie anyway.  She admitted that her feelings would be hurt.  Then I ever-so-pointedly told my daughter, “It’s not all about YOU.”

With the help of Grandma and Gichan, and Trader Joe’s, and some pretty decent offerings at Fred Meyer, we began our gluten-free experiment on Sunday.  Since then, we’ve discovered that the Trader Joe’s rice pasta mac and cheese is pretty darn good, Garlic Jim’s gluten-free pizza crust is very tasty, Velveeta is gluten-free, and that Tad really misses his chocolate Cheerios.  Fortunately, he can still have chocolate milk, yogurt, all of his favorite fruits, and ice cream.

I can even buy gluten-free ice cream cones at Fred Meyer.

So far, Tad’s only noticed minor inconveniences, like the lack of chocolate Cheerios and no free cookies from the bakery.  I have been putting all that practice I gained as a gestational diabetic in reading labels into practice to search for gluten-free foods, so I’ve been able to keep his diet relatively stable… so far.  I’m still trying to find a good gluten-free bread, though I had one recommended to me by Miss Bee that I haven’t been able to go shopping for just yet.

If this is something that we end up doing long-term, then we’ll manage.  It’s amazing how much is really out there for those who are eating gluten-free.  I’ve already tried out a chocolate cake mix, so I know that when Tad’s birthday comes around in a few weeks, we’re still going to have a pretty tasty cake (or cupcakes).  This is all very doable.

And if, after 3 months, we don’t think it’s done anything for him, well… nothing ventured, nothing gained.  We’re going for it.

And happy birthday to you, Resiss… we miss you very much!  Glad you like your birthday presents!

2 Responses to “Going Gluten Free”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    July 22nd, 2010 06:47

    King Arthur Flour had a lot of gluten free mixes. They are on-line. It’s worth a try and I am happy you are going to the trouble.

  2. Ressis
    July 22nd, 2010 07:24

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    I thought it was going to be really hard to go peanut-free when we found out Baby Cousin was allergic, but it’s been surprisingly easy due to labeling requirements and that peanut allergies are quite common. I’m glad you found a mac and cheese, though; my kids’ world would implode if that was taken out of their diet. Going gluten-free is definitely worth the effort to see how it effects Tad. Good luck!