Sports Camp

This is a fun week here at the Corner Haus.



This is the first year that the kids have not been together at our church’s Sports Camp (our version of Vacation Bible School).  Ane is now with the “big” kids in Sports Camp, while Tad is in Mini Camp with the rest of the preschoolers.

Being a big kid going to Sports Camp, you have the option of picking either soccer, basketball, or dance/drill team.  Ane chose soccer, but, being Ane, day one of camp was not so fun.  She had never played soccer before, so she didn’t know any of the rules except that you use your feet to kick the ball.  She came home positively grumpy.

Day two went much better.  She played goalie, and, according to her Sunday School teacher (who is helping out), she was quite aggressive and took goaltending quite seriously.  Aimee commented on how competitive she is, too.

MY daughter?  Competitive??  I am shocked, shocked, I tell you.

Tad is keeping everyone busy at mini camp, but with Auntie and Grandma both helping out at mini camp, he can’t get away with too much.  Plus, the preschoolers get to play in a bouncy house during mini camp, which is a big hit.

So, for a few hours every evening, it’s just me, Rerun, and the Webmaster.  It’s so quiet that we hardly know what to do with ourselves.  It makes me think about how it will be when school starts in September, with both kids in school again… and Ane in school all day.  And everyone will be riding the bus to and from school, with no need to be picked up.  THAT will be very, very strange.

In the meantime, though, the kids are coming home pretty worn out each night.  I’m going to enjoy Sports Camp while it lasts.

One Response to “Sports Camp”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    July 28th, 2010 06:15

    You have to look hard, but somewhere inside you there is a switch that says, ‘turn right to let go and relax!’
    As you get older, the switch surfaces and is very easy to find.