Muggy Days

Yesterday was among the muggier days around here – temperatures reached 80 degrees, but the cloud layer never really burned off.  The temps will be coming down as the week winds down, but there is a possibility of rain.

And the kids get bored easily – even Rerun! – so we have been spending time at Grandma and Gichan’s house.  Even though we do own an A/C unit, their house is larger and stays cooler naturally (better insulation – our house was built in 1965, theirs in 1987), plus Gichan is taking his long summer vacation right now, so Tad is enjoying the time spent with his “Chani.”  And Rerun likes the baby toys that he can chew on at their house.

I don’t know what we’re going to do when Grandma, Gichan, and Auntie head off to visit Ressis and Oddball, and then the Captain and Q-Bee, and all the girls.  Ane and Tad are going to feel a little bummed, I think.  The Webmaster and I will have to get creative – or I will have to get creative – because there will be no escaping over to their house, where other adults are.

In other news, gluten free chocolate cake mix has been procured, and I didn’t have to hunt down Clipboard Boy.  Grandma bought it at Top Foods, so I didn’t even have to check in at Fred Meyer with all three kids.  Auntie and I have a cupcake decorating day scheduled today.  I will post pictures of our work later.

Here’s hoping the weather holds, and is only mildly muggy for the party on Saturday.  Guess I’d better do some more cleaning, though – if we all end up inside, I want to make sure there is actually space for everyone to stand or sit!

One Response to “Muggy Days”

  1. Ressis
    August 6th, 2010 10:26

    After living in houses with central A/C, I will NEVER go without again. I don’t care if we’re in Seattle, I will have my central A/C.