Five Years Old

Dear Tad,

It has been a year of change for you.

You have mastered potty training – so much so that it boggles my mind that it has really only been a little less than a year since you were reliably trained.  Your speech has improved in leaps and bounds – so much so that complete strangers can now understand you when you speak.  You have become a big brother – and have risen to the occasion in a much better way than I had dared hope.  I think you even love Rerun, but he will be getting into your toys soon, and then all bets are off, I know.

And there are more changes ahead for you – kindergarten at a new school, with a new teacher and a new speech therapist.  More focused therapies to help improve your speech and behavior.  As each year passes, we can see your improvement and try to celebrate our successes – and not think about how far we still have to go.

You are loved by your Daddy and by me, and you help complete this family.  Without you, there would be no tickle fights, no Legos all over the kitchen table, and no shark books scattered all over the house.  Without you, I would not know that there are over 350 different kinds of sharks, and that the largest fish in the ocean is the whale shark, or how much a Lego AT-AT costs.  (A lot, by the way.)

Remember this, Tad – no matter what, your Dad and I are going to be there for you, helping you achieve whatever it is that God put you on this earth to do, even if it is swimming with whale sharks in Thailand.  But before we can get there, we have a lot of work to put in, and we’re going to get ‘er done, buddy.

We love you – no matter what.

Happy 5th Birthday, my dear, sweet son,


One Response to “Five Years Old”

  1. Ressis
    August 12th, 2010 08:55

    We love you, too, Tad! Happy Birthday!