Keepin’ Cool, Baby

Hi all!  It’s me, Rerun!

The weather lately has been hard on me.  When it is so hot, it’s hard to take a nice nap.  Which means it’s a lot harder to keep my usual sunny attitude.

Fortunately, Mommy knows this and dresses me as lightly as possible on these hot days.  This stylin’ sleeveless bodysuit was sent to me by my Great-Great-Aunt Carol – along with matching red shorts!

Mommy also keeps the air conditioner and the fans blowing, and lets me take naps in the living room, where it is usually cooler.  Of course, this means that Ane and Tad have to keep quiet, but I’ve learned to sleep through their noise.  And Mommy will sometimes be able to cuddle me while I nap, and then I sleep really well.

But I like nighttime, when it cools off, the best.  Fortunately, the weather is changing again, and the hot streak has come to an end.  Which makes it a lot more comfortable for me.  And that makes Mommy happy.  And it means that Ane and Tad can play outside more, which also makes Mommy happy.

Talk to you all again later!

One Response to “Keepin’ Cool, Baby”

  1. Ressis
    August 19th, 2010 06:32

    I’m with you, Rerun. I get cranky and can’t sleep in hot weather. We should go on a vacation together. How about Alaska?