Friday Picture Hodgepodge

It’s time for a picture drop on all of you!  It’ll tide you over through the weekend.

For example, this is what happens when you turn Ane loose on Nana’s dress up clothes:

She looks like a miniature version of Sunset Boulevard.

Can you tell that she was enjoying herself?

It was hard to convince her that it was time to put things away and go home.


Despite my concerns about eating gluten free at Red Robin, Tad did really very well with the grilled chicken-on-a-stick (which is pretty much the only kids’ menu item that he can eat).  I brought some barbecue sauce from home that I knew was gluten free, and he had a pretty decent meal between the chicken and the apple slices.  (And Ane had chicken fingers and mandarin oranges – neither kid wanted fries!)

Of course, the important part was the birthday ice cream sundae and getting sung to at the restaurant.

And he was kind enough to share with his sister, too.


Look at this sweet, innocent little face.

You’d never guess that behind this cute exterior lurks… THE POOP MONSTER!

Without warning, he blows!

And then he laughs in your face.

And the last few nights, his father has been on the receiving end of things.  Welcome to my world, dear.

Good thing Rerun is so cute and lovable, otherwise he would be a real stinker. (Groan)

And on that note, happy weekend, everyone!

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