Tuesday Hodgepodge

I have one very happy girl living under my roof just now.

The class lists were posted yesterday evening for the first time, so we got to find out who her teacher is.

And guess what?

IT’S MS. V!!!  Her kindergarten teacher has moved up a grade and will be her first grade teacher this year!  To say that Ane is excited is an understatement.

It also makes me feel better about turning over my little girl to the school for six hours a day, since I’m sending her into the care of a teacher I know and like – quite a lot, actually.

I never had the same teacher two years in a row in elementary school.  The Captain did, for 1st and 2nd grade (I think), but I don’t recall that Ressis or Auntie ever did.  I am so pleased that Ane gets to have her wonderful teacher again this year.


Speaking of school prep, I finally have a list of things to send in for Tad’s kindergarten class.  Among them are a bath towel and bathing suit.

After school gets started, Tad’s class is going to have swimming lessons during class time on Mondays!  The elementary school he is attending (Woodmoor, for those of you keeping track) has the district’s only elementary pool.  And there was a sign-up for parent volunteers to help with swim time!

So Rerun will be hanging out with Grandma and Gichan on some Monday afternoons while I play in the pool with Tad’s class.


I finally heard from Tad’s new bus drivers.  Because he is in special ed classes outside of his neighborhood school, the drivers actually make contact with the parents.  I talked to the driver who will be bringing him home (a woman), but I missed the phone call from the driver who will be picking him up.  He left a message that went something like this:
“Hi, my name is M., and I will be Tad’s bus driver going to school in the afternoons… I will pick him up at 11:50 at (the entrance to our cul-de-sac)… and I’m Ane’s Sunday School teacher too, so this should be really fun!  See you on Wednesday!”

I called Ane over to listen to the message, and her eyes got round.  “Is that my Teacher M?”  she giggled.  “He’s going to be Tad’s bus driver??  That’s so cool!”

I knew that M. was a bus driver for the district – I’ve known the family for years, and his wife is in book club with me, and the two of them teach the kindergarten/first grade Sunday School class – but I just find it so exciting that he’s going to be Tad’s bus driver!  Again, it’s just another comforting and reassuring thing for this Mommy.


Tomorrow is the big day – school starts for both kids.  I won’t post until I have pictures of both kids going off to their first day of the school year, and Tad isn’t getting picked up until it’s time for afternoon kindergarten… so don’t look for anything new until the afternoon.

And it will be a big day for Rerun, too – we’re planning on starting him on rice cereal.  My baby!  *sob*  His first solid food!

I weighed him yesterday and I think he’s pushing 19 pounds.  He’s 8 days away from 6 months old!  Clearly, his diet has been quite filling.  But he’s been trying to grab at whatever we’re eating, so clearly, he’s ready for some of that to come his way.

Clearly, we live in exciting times!

3 Responses to “Tuesday Hodgepodge”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    August 31st, 2010 06:40

    You are living in exciting times! And who would think that in the city you would know the bus driver?
    My 6th grade teacher moved to 7th with us. Small town, no junior high in the ’50’s. He was a hunk and all the girls were in love with him.
    Love the shark shirt on the boy. Hope he likes the rice.

  2. Ressis
    August 31st, 2010 08:59

    I’m so happy for Ane, and I’ll be praying for Mrs. V. 😉 And, no, I never repeated a teacher in elementary school.

    Tad is going to love his swimming time. He’ll probably make a lot of references to being a shark.

  3. Aunt Mary
    August 31st, 2010 11:48

    So glad to hear all the GOOD school news, even before school begins! Sounds like a great beginning to the school year. Enjoy your time alone with your GROWING baby! 🙂