Rainy Labor Day

Ane was absolutely complaining her head off about Labor Day.  She did this last year, too.  She has no comprehension of WHY school must be interrupted for something so trivial as a federal holiday.

This year, though, we managed to compensate for the fact that she wouldn’t be in school.  Her friends Gracie and L., who left two years ago, along with their mom and dad, to be missionaries in India, are back on furlough and in the area.  So we made plans for the dads and the kids to go and see Despicable Me at the movie theater while the lovely Mrs. K. and I took Rerun with us and went shopping and browsing.

From all accounts, the movie was a total hit with the kids and the dads.  Shopping, with a stop for coffee along the way, for me and Mrs. K. was a wonderful and leisurely way to spend the afternoon.  Rerun was the perfect shopping companion, and eventually fell asleep in his stroller with a blanket tucked around him.  Did I mention it was pouring rain?  But this is the Pacific Northwest!  Who needs an umbrella?  We had rain jackets!

After the movie, the whole group came back to our house, but Ane asked if Gracie could ride in our car.  L., not wanting to be left out, asked to come in our car, too.

This was the scene in the backseat of our minivan:

I caught Gracie mid-word when I shot this picture, so I took another one:

But the first shot was better of L.  You just can’t win!  But you can see the rain pelting down on the back window.

After some time spent playing at our house (the girls retreated to Ane’s room to play, while I brought out Tad’s Star Wars LEGO sets for him and L. to play with – L. was thrilled), they had to leave, with the promise to come back and play again soon.

This has been such a fun experience for Ane – it’s been two years since she’s seen these friends, and yet she hadn’t forgotten them.  And they hadn’t forgotten her or Tad, and now there’s our sweet little Rerun, who Gracie thinks is so much fun.  Mrs. K. is pretty smitten with him, too.

So, even though our Labor Day was very wet and rainy, it was a whole lot of fun.  And not once did Ane complain that she missed school.  She was having way too much fun to miss school this time.

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