Six Months Old

He’s done a little growing in the last month.

And the chair has changed locations – it’s now at the end of the hallway.

But time keeps marching on, so we sit up and take notice – even if we are a bit wobbly.

And although there are still kissable, chubby cheeks, there’s a lot of wiggle and strength in that little body that wasn’t there not long ago.

And I’m thinking that by next month, that killer smile with have some teeth in it.

And there’s something else happening today… Baby Cousin’s birthday!¬† Although she’s turning 3, so I really do have to think of a new blog name for her.¬† Happy birthday, sweetie, with much love from your aunt and uncle and cousins!

One Response to “Six Months Old”

  1. Ressis
    September 9th, 2010 07:01

    Look at Rerun’s chins!

    And Baby Cousin thanks you for the birthday wishes! She’s been talking about her birthday non-stop since yesterday (when we told her).