Zoo Again!

It was a nice Saturday in Seattle.  And it was Member Appreciation Day at the zoo.  So why not go?

We checked on our friends the penguins…

… and caught a rare sighting of the fabled creature, the painted unicorn.

There was free face painting at the member appreciation fair, and Ane has been wanting to get her face painted for a long time, but unwilling to cough up the cash for it (which I certainly wasn’t going to do, either), so this was a big win for her.

And we checked in on the bears.  But all they wanted to do was walk around and lounge on their rocks, which got Tad worked up, because the last time we saw the bears, one of them went swimming to pick up a dropped bone that had been lunch.  At one point, Tad called out, “Come on, bear!  You can do it!  Jump in the water!”

Unfortunately, the bear couldn’t hear him (the glass is too thick).  Tad finally settled down, but we had to visit the crocodiles to pacify him later.  Ane voted for the meerkats, which is always entertaining, and has the advantage of being right next to the komodo dragons, which Tad also loves looking at.

Rerun is getting used to all this zoo visiting.

Those are kangaroos taking a rest behind us.

And Rerun has had his last ride in the Baby Bjorn – that boy is pushing 20 pounds and after a couple of hours, my back is killing me.  Next time we go, he’s taking a ride in the stroller.  He’s just getting too big too fast.  Oh, and he’s officially lunging and creeping around now.  His siblings are getting a fast lesson in what “babyproofing” really means.

All in all, it was a fun and productive weekend!

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