School Update

The Webmaster and I went to Ane’s curriculum night at school yesterday, hosted by her teacher, the wonderful Ms. V., to hear all about what these first graders will be doing.

I must say that it was pretty sparsely attended, which is kind of sad.  With school having just started, you’d hope that more parents would want to come and see what is going on in their child’s class.  Still, we were there and got to see what the kids had been up to – including making life-sized paper dolls of themselves, taped onto yardsticks, and “sitting” at their desks to “trick” the parents into thinking that the class was all there.

Ms. V. told us that Ane has been having some melancholy moments during the school day – and when asked what is wrong, she sighs and says, “I miss my baby brother.”

“She’s said it more than once, and initially I wondered if something else was going on, but now I’m really thinking that it is the real reason,” Ms. V. said.

Thinking out loud, I said, “Well, she spent all summer watching him grow and playing with him…”

And the light went on for Ms. V.  “And we know how much she doesn’t like to miss out on things,” she said understandingly.

When I asked Ane about it later, she nodded and said, “I just miss Rerun sometimes.  I love him so much!”

I think it’s sweet that she misses him.  Now, if only she could scrape up a little of that feeling for Tad…

And speaking of Tad, he’s doing very well adjusting to his new school and class.  He’s been learning the new routine, has a new speech therapist at school, and has been behaving himself on the bus.

However, I did get a phone call from the nurse’s office on Wednesday.  “I have Tad here with me, and he’s such a cutie, but I need to tell you that he got pushed off a platform at recess by another student, and he took quite a tumble,” she told me.

“Ohhh…” I groaned.

“Now, did he already have a black eye?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, his sister gave that to him.  And the scratch on his left cheek, too.”

“Okay.  Well, he’s roughed up his right cheek a bit – it’s red – and he has a fat lip.  I did check his teeth and none of them are loose, but did he already have a chipped tooth?”


“Oh, good, I’m glad that didn’t happen here!”

The nurse and I agreed that since Tad wasn’t in pain or asking for me, he could go back to class and go home on the bus as usual.  As I hung up my cell phone, I recounted the conversation to Grandma, whose house I was at.  I sighed.  “Well, he’s going to look just great for his school pictures next week,” I said.

She laughed.

So, school is going very well for both kids.  And pretty soon, I’m going to be volunteering in Tad’s class every week for the swimming lesson, and helping out in Ane’s class as well (and Rerun will go with me to play with Ms. V.).  And with Rerun taking a regular morning nap every day around 11 am, our days are starting to get into a nice routine.

I like school.

2 Responses to “School Update”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    September 17th, 2010 07:30

    May I suggest that not only is Ane missing Rerun, she might also be thinking that he is home and has Mom all to himself, and that just doesn’t seem right, yet.
    Sounds like they are off to a great start on a great year! It helps so much to know the teachers and for them to know you. I’ll never understand parents who never show up for school events.

  2. Ressis
    September 17th, 2010 10:43

    So Tad will be roughed up for school pictures, no bid deal. Who is Tad without some scratches and bruises?