Crazy Week

I think there is too much stuff packed into this week.  Last week ended on a happy note, as Rerun finally cut his first tooth!  He’d been drooling like mad for a week.  And he was his typical happy self when he was cutting it – I had been checking him regularly for a while, and there it was!  But this week has all sorts of major kid activities and appointments in it.

Today will be all about Rerun.  He has a regular doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, once Tad has gone to school, and then we have a late visit to Children’s Hospital planned.  Rerun is taking part in a medical research study through the University of Washington, which includes an MRI.  So, I will be spending the evening/night at Children’s – there are three hours blocked out for this MRI.  The goal is to get Rerun to sleep through it, which is why it’s scheduled for late at night.

Tuesday is Tad’s school pictures, so I must try to dress him nicely (I gave him a haircut on Saturday) and hopefully he doesn’t look too banged up.  His black eye is pretty much gone, thankfully.  Immediately after school, Ane has piano lessons with Friend.  Yes, we’ve started piano lessons.  Ane had been begging to start for a while, and her first lesson last week didn’t dampen her enthusiasm.  And right after piano lessons, Ane has a haircut scheduled.  Because….

Wednesday is Ane’s picture day at school.  She’s had her outfit picked for weeks.  And Wednesday is also the beginning of the Awana programs at church – Tad will begin another year of Cubbies, and Ane will be in her second year of Sparks, the Webmaster resumes his duties as sound guy for the older kids, and I resume my crafting with the Cubbies.  Rerun is going to spend time in the nursery this year.  Tad finished his first Cubbie book over the summer, and he already has the first verse of the new book memorized and ready to recite.  I think this year will be a good one for him.

Thursday is my only “free” day.  And now something will probably pop up.

Friday is Tad’s therapy day – speech and behavior – so that eats up most of the day.  But I have book club that evening – finally, something for ME!

As I said, this week is crazed.  Anyone want to trade?

*deep breath* … Here we go!

One Response to “Crazy Week”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    September 20th, 2010 09:15

    I’ll see yours and raise you one, because I have to add lots of miles to mine. But then, you have kids to tote around, and mine are just me. So I guess you win.