The Quiet

After Tad gets on the bus in the afternoon to go to school, it’s just me and Rerun for a few hours.

And yesterday, I didn’t have to go anywhere.  I had just been to Costco the day before, so we were good on the important things (like milk and apples and bread).

Rerun’s naps are a little wacky right now – he has been on a two-nap-a-day schedule, but between immunizations and teething, he’s been crankier than usual (a noticeable difference in Mr. Happy!) and running an off-and-on temperature.  So, between doses of Tylenol and his siblings’ schedule, the nap that he would have taken yesterday at 11 am had started at 9:50, and only lasted until 10:45.

Not enough.

So, after Tad got on the bus and I’d gotten myself some lunch – with Rerun creeping around on the living room floor, trying to gnaw on his brother’s toy hammer until I took it away – I collected the land line phone, my cell phone, the remote, my nursing pillow, and a burp cloth on the couch.  Then I made a little nest, snuggled down with the baby, and started nursing him.

He went out like a light.  And I just settled him on my shoulder and we cuddled.

It was a lovely day – the windows were open, and the breeze was coming through – and it was QUIET.

Blissful, exquisite quiet.

I dozed while Rerun napped.  It was so sweet and peaceful – something that I haven’t been able to do with him since… well, since school ended last June.  I’ve napped and slept with him since then, of course, but there was always someone else in the house – usually making noise.

He woke up well before his sister came home, needing to do homework… and then Tad came home, covered in red paint from an art project… and then the Webmaster came home from work… and then I declared it to be Leftover Night and got everyone their choice of leftovers… and then we needed to be at church for the first night of our Awana programs…

But for those few hours, there was quiet.  And a sweet little boy, all snuggled down in my arms.

I need some more of that.

One Response to “The Quiet”

  1. Erin
    September 29th, 2010 19:46

    Awesome! I got about 45 minutes of that myself, also hadn’t gotten it since school started. The older two decided to play outside in the sunshine and baby and I nursed and dozed in the warmth and breeze.