The stick in the anthill

Immediately after the Webmaster was laid off, he updated his resume online, and posted about his status on Facebook.  “Well, I’ve put the stick in the proverbial anthill now,” he commented to me.

By Friday, when he went along with all of us to Tad’s speech and behavior therapy sessions, he was getting phone calls and messages like mad.  Which is a very good sign.

Some of the calls were positively ludicrous at the outset – no, he cannot accept a six month contract job in New Jersey, for example – but others sounded more promising.  Plus, former co-workers had recommendations and invites to recruiting events right off the bat.

So instead of going to our church small group last night, the Webmaster was meeting up with potential employers at a recruiting mixer in downtown Seattle, which he thinks may generate some positive results.

The hardest part was telling Ane that Daddy was laid off again.  When he walked through the door on Wednesday afternoon with two boxes full of his personal work stuff, she was stunned.  He told her what had happened, and she said, “I thought that you not having a job was something that only happened in preschool.”

Tad, being Tad, is completely oblivious – he just likes having Daddy at home.  And Rerun is making all this time at home worthwhile – he just grins and the Webmaster melts.  That little guy is pretty darn adorable.

In the meantime, I’m playing secretary to screen out the home phone calls, because the anthill is quite busy.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, and I will keep you posted on what happens now.

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