Halloween at the Zoo

Our zoo has an annual Halloween bash, which is very popular.  Not only do kids get to dress up and trick-or-treat in different areas (I decided against letting the kids do this, because of the weather), but certain animals are fed pumpkins during the two-day event.  The hippos are probably the most popular animal to watch, but we went for a different large animal – the BEARS.

It was so crowded in the viewing area that our shots were very limited, and their quality is not the best, especially taking in the low light of a very rainy day.  My apologies in advance.

Here are the keepers placing the pumpkins in the exhibit.  The two bears at the zoo are twin brothers, and they each received a jack o’lantern with a salmon hidden inside.  This ensures the best “rip apart the pumpkin” moments for the viewing audience.

Once the bears were released into this part of the exhibit, it was snack time!

I told you our shots weren’t the best.  Notice all the heads in front of the Webmaster.  Ane and Tad, being short children, were allowed to stand up front and watch all the action.  Parents were told to stand in the back.  Still, it was a lot of fun for everyone.  And the bears clearly enjoyed the extra treats and attention.

He’s just a big teddy bear… with CLAWS.  And TEETH.  These guys are not to be messed with.

On the other side of the viewing area is the otter habitat.  And they were doing their best to steal the bears’ thunder by swimming around and being cute.

And, of course, we visited our friends the penguins.  They got a pumpkin, too – not that they ate it.  They just batted this small pumpkin around like a soccer ball.

The kids had a good time, despite the rain – which got very heavy by the end of our visit.  We were pretty wet before we called it a day.

Still, it was one of those things that I’m really glad we took the kids to – and even more glad that we have the zoo pass.  We’ve had so much fun with it, and have really used it.  And we still have more time to use it!

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  1. Nana
    November 5th, 2010 06:45

    Way cool!